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Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture is the earliest department of architecture in Taiwan, and the four technical students of the university department come from the civil engineering and architecture groups and design groups of the famous high schools in Taiwan. In recent years, with the promotion of multiple enrollment programs, the Department has become more diversified in terms of the sources of students. In addition to the most outstanding technical schools in various counties and cities, the Department has also attracted many top high school students to study in the Department. In addition, with the internationalization development, many foreign and overseas students have joined the department, and it has become a common practice for foreign exchange students to come to the department and local students to go abroad for exchange, so the campus learning environment is rich, diversified and competitive.


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In addition to providing students with professional knowledge, theoretical and technical training, the department also emphasizes professional ethics and independent thinking, and encourages students to take the initiative to care for the social and humanistic aspects of society and the environment in order to foster the development of a whole-person education. Based on the advantages of the urban architectural education environment, the department takes the architectural design course as the core and vertically links the four years of professional foundation training, while using the three major areas of history and humanities, urban and society, and environment and science to cover the concepts, theories, practices, techniques, methods and tools related to architecture as the foundation of specialized knowledge and skills required for architectural design.


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